Is the online game make money true?

Is the online game make money true?

Until now, although all the investors absolutely trusted Boss Pei, they were still uncertain about whether Thriller Hostel would succeed or not.

That was why they had to pay extra attention to it and bet that Boss Pei’s business genius would cause another miracle to happen.

Li Shi walked out of Chen Kangtuo’s office, prepared to check on the progress of the restaurant’s construction and then drive back to his own office.

However, at that moment, his cell phone rang. It was an unknown number.

“Hello, Boss Li. I am Wu Bin, from Tengda’s HR department. I’ve been collecting some material on Boss Pei recently. I wonder if you have time to answer a few simple questions.”

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Li Shi was stunned. This phone call surprised him.

However, since Wu Bin claimed to be Boss Pei’s employee, Li Shi had to show him due respect. What’s more, Li Shi was extremely curious as to what kind of material Wu Bin was trying to gather.

“Alright. Let’s meet at the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe near Handong University.”

At Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Li Shi, Wu Bin, and Cui Geng each ordered a cup of coffee. Wu Bin had already explained his intentions to Li Shi. The part about the Tengda spirit piqued Li Shi’s interest.

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Everyone knew that Boss Pei was very good at managing his subordinates. All of Tengda Corporation’s employees could hold a fort on their own. What’s more, they strictly obeyed Boss Pei’s instructions and dared not go against his orders.

From Fish-Catching Internet Cafe to Dream Realization Ventures and Thriller Hostelwhenever Li Shi interacted with Boss Pei’s subordinates, he could feel that they worshiped Boss Pei uniquely.

What was the Tengda spirit about, then? What was its effect? If Li Shi could learn that spirit, would Fu Hui Investments’ employees become like Tengda’s?