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He could just quit and look for another job slowly while scrimping with his savings.

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If he had no other choice, he would have to do that.

All of those thoughts flashed through Huang Sibo’s mind.

As he pondered, the lift arrived at the 17th floor.

The moment he got out of the lift, Huang Sibo caught sight of Tengda Network Technology Co., Ltd.’s signboard.

Looking inside, he was rattled.

‘This place is too classy!’

Two beautiful receptionists waited behind the gigantic front desk.

And they were twins to boot!

While Jinzhou wasn’t a city that was extremely huge, it wasn’t small either. For the company to have a pair of twins managing the front desk was no small feat.

That was a clear indication of the company’s power!

Huang Sibo was the classic example of someone who overthought things.

When Pei Qian was hiring, he had not thought much into it and merely wanted a couple of beautiful receptionists to hold the front desk.