Is there a pig on online pig?

Is there a pig on online pig?


Two days later, after school. I quickly asked one of my few friends, Tasuku Uehara-kun, to teach me. He then gave me an explicate wondering look.

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He left me down for a moment and bid farewell to everyone in the class like a normie. After that, he quickly grabbed his bag and gave me a polite smile.

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“Bye, Amano. I’ll see you tomorrow!”

“Don’t just escape like nothing has happened, Uehara-kun! What are you trying to pull off!”

“That’s my line! You know how much you suck, yet you’re begging me with that kind of extremely troublesome and stressful chores!”

“I-I’ll pay you something! I’ll give you the invitation code of the mobile game as thanks!”

“Who needs it! Also, you’re acting like you’re giving me a reward, but you’re the only one that ended up profiting!”

“H-How about I’ll give you 10 coupons that you can use to play video games with me!”

“I told you I don’t need it! Why are you giving me this kind of weird ‘massage coupons’ suggestions! Also, you’re still the only one who’s benefiting in the end!”

“I’ll give you a paulownia chest of drawers if you accept it right now!”

“Don’t need it! But I’m kind of curious about where you can find that!”

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“Ugh, …I can’t believe you’re still trying to exploit me…Uehara-kun, you’re brutal!”

“What do you mean by exploiting, I didn’t even take anything from you! You’re the one that’s trying to pay tribute!”

“…I feel like that’s what a mugger would say, Uehara-kun…”

“What kind of threat is that! Uh…”

Once we took a look around, everyone in the class is staring at us as they’re whispering.

Uehara-kun gasped. “Ugh…” Then, he let out a huge sigh…After that, he finally backed down.

“…I got it. Anyway, …I’ll train with you at the arcade today.”