Micro business online

Micro business online

It was an administrative and strong tone.

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The three of us exchanged glances for a brief moment and then slowly opened the door.

「-Excuse me.」

Inside the room, Leia-sensei was sitting at a high-class black work desk.

Apparently she seems to be working, and was looking down on what looks to be a document, with a serious look.

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The room was surprisingly tidy, but the pile of documents placed around the room attested for her busyness.

「-Sorry but, I’m right in the middle of something. Wait over there for a while」

Sensei said without looking at us whilst turning over a piece of paper again.


I answered briefly and decided to stand quietly near the wall and wait.

Ria and Rose followed after me.

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Nobody said a word.

Only the sound of sensei turning the paper resonated greatly within the office.

(It must be a very important document…)

Sensei was silently reading the document without even blinking.