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“I understand. Well then, Ayanokōji-kun, I’ll be going on ahead.”

With no particular signs of discontent, Ichinose bowed her head, following along with Asahina’s request.

“Sorry Honami. See ya.”

“Oh no! Please excuse me.”

I didn’t sense anything abnormal about their short conversation.

Instead, it seemed like the two shared a proper senpai-kouhai relationship.

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“She’s a real good kid isn’t she? Cute. Smart. Even among the second-years, nobody has anything bad to say about her.”

“That’s true. Ichinose seems quite popular with pretty much everyone among the first-years as well.”

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“Could it be that you’ve managed to gain her affection?”

It seemed that Ichinose’s somewhat unnatural behavior hadn’t gone unnoticed.

“No way.”

Ichinose aside, I wanted to keep my time with Asahina as short as possible.

It’d raise suspicions if we were to be seen by one of Nagumo’s underlings. If she really had something to say then it’d be best to deal with it quickly.

“If you have business with me, I’ll hear you out.”

“How boring. Well whatever. I happened to see the two of you acting all buddy buddy, so I wanted to tell you something.”

Asahina had been smiling cheerfully for a while now, but that smile quickly disappeared.

“I’ve heard a bit about the first-years’ exam. Somebody’s being forced to drop out of school, yeah?”

“It looks like it.”

It seems the news had already managed to spread to the second-year students.