Is it true that online chat make money?

Is it true that online chat make money?

“As for the new game, I already have some thoughts. Please listen.”

At the head of the meeting table, Pei Qian was perfectly composed as he captured everyone’s attention; Lu Mingliang was surer than ever about Pei Qian.


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Pei Qian had done this for the exact opposite reasons. Why did he not want to release a new edition? To release a new edition, he needed to charge a fee with it. He had to either collect money by selling it as downloadable content or add it as payable service within the game.

The system was not going to accept a completely free new edition. The problem was Ghost General and Ocean Stronghold’s had too many players; they were very willing to pay as well! Under these circumstances—if he released a new edition now, he might actually start making huge numbers of sales immediately.

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Hence, Pei Qian felt that it was safer to start on a new project. After all, ruining a new project was much easier than screwing around with an existing successful one!

Many new games immediately flopped upon release. Even if a professional, star producer had been behind them; that was hard to make things flourish as well. Furthermore, many old games though managed to hang in there, they were but hanging on a thread.

Hence, Pei Qian decided to start afresh. Also, he was going to learn from the previous round.

What was his greatest mistake then?

He had too much confidence in Huang Sibo and Bao Xu!

Pei Qian had never expected his three conditions had been turned by the duo into the selling point of the game! This time, Pei Qian decided to exert more control over the entire project. He could not allow another Ocean Stronghold to be launched!

He even didn’t dare to let Xiao Lu be creative.

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What if… Xiao Lu went to consult Bao Xu in the dark or he suddenly had a stroke of inspiration and thought of a good idea?

Hence, Pei Qian was going to make his word the law this time. He looked about and said slowly, “This time, we are going to create a game that would be legendary!

“Its name is…

“Game Designer!”