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Pei Qian was pleased as he watched the exciting games and listened to the excited claps and cheers of the audience.

How comfortable!

Watching the event via live-streaming platforms could not be compared to being at the competition ground. When hot team battles broke out, the excitement in the narrator’s voice and the cheers and screams of the audience were enough to cause one’s adrenaline to soar and blood to rush. One would be tempted to cast all worries aside and shout!

He had to admit that the FRY Club was not bad.

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Those foreign clubs had started late, but their team members had all been transferred from Gods Rising and IOI. They had a good grasp of games like GOG already. In addition, since they had a good foundation and hardcore training, their standard was not far off from local teams.

Moreover, since this was the opening match, H4 was playing very securely. Both teams seemed to be trying the other out. The Western-style was to select heroes that nobody had seen much of so far. Thus, both sides were putting on a good show, and the match was not overly one-sided.

The live and online audience alike enjoyed watching the match.

That was the charm of exchanges and collisions between different regions. Each region’s teams would train as a group, resulting in overlaps of their understanding of strong heroes and the game version. However, when different regions came together, there would be a huge difference between their respective understandings of the game.

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When different regions came together with their unique skills, the audience would be able to tell which side would prevail. Thus, compared to the local GOG competitions that the teams had taken part in before, this competition was more interesting and fun to watch.

At last, H4 proved to be stronger and more powerful. They took the chance to wipe out their opponent’s team and successfully ended the game.

The live audience was overjoyed, and so was Pei Qian.

It felt so good to be able to watch a game from start to finish, without having to worry about being stabbed in the back!

In any case, this competition was meant for him to burn money. Regardless of who won or lost, GOG could not become more famous. Thus, Pei Qian believed that there was no room for him to be stabbed in the back at all.

Soon, the post-match interviews began.

Huang Wang walked up to the stage and was interviewed by one of the female hosts.

The moment he walked up, the audience cheered.

His muscles! His uniform was filled!