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Very well, I’m gaining the upper hand. I can win this! I can kill her with another weak blow-


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Suddenly, my character paused. At that moment, the opponent took the chance and returned her attacks. …My HP dropped to 0.


The subtitles that I watched countless times popped up on the screen. I could’ve won this match. How unfortunate. …I would’ve won.

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However, …winning or losing doesn’t matter now anymore.

My hands…are intensely sweating as I’m holding the controller. I’m trying to remember something.

(What did…I just say…to Keita?)

…I can’t remember it. No, I was lying. I knew it. Although I didn’t forget it, I don’t want to admit it.

However, …the innocent and pure boy, Keita Amano, tilted his head in shock as he put that fact in front of me.

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“Hmm? Uh, I mean, I was talking about gamer girls. But, Kiriya-san, why did you talk about yourself?”


I put out a stiff smile as I remained silent.

…W-What should I do…? No, it’s not time to freak out yet. Right, Ayumu Kiriya? There are a lot of excuses for this, right? It’s like how I can still power up for more than 15 times-

“Kiriya-san, don’t tell me- you’re actually a girl?”