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「Oi bastard, what the hell is your name?」

The man slowly landed on the ground, approached closer, and asked, while pointing the tip of the sword at me.

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(Since the other party has named himself, it would be rude to not name myself either.)

Having decided that, I reluctantly gave my name.

「……Allen Rodore.」

「You are from House Rodore, after all! KuKuKu, I didn’t think I would find you so easily!」

Zerey, with a complex smile mixed with various emotions, put forth a certain proposal

「I have a lot of things to ask you. If you spit everything out, I’ll spare your life at least.」

…I don’t understand what this guy is saying at all.

「Hey, perhaps you’re confusing me with some other『House Rodore』…?」

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「Fuu… It’s no use playing dumb. That『Darkness』, which is the symbol of House Rodore, is the irrefutable proof!」he exclaimed, raising his sword high.「If you don’t want to talk, then I’ll beat it out of you! Curse Method – Lightning Oppression!」

When Zerey swung down his sword, jet-black lightning was shot from the tip.

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(Fast! But Idol is much faster!)

In response to the looming lightning, I cut it off with a diagonal slash. At that moment, the jet-black lightning entwined around my sword, like an ivy.

From the blade, to guard, to hilt, Zerey’s lightning approached my body, flowing along the sword.

「W-What is this!?」

「Ha, you fool! It’s too late to clad yourself in『Darkness of Rodore』! Live through the hell of Lightning Oppression!」the man, sure of his victory, raised a roar.

「…Hmm?」I tilted my head.

The moment it touched my hand, the ivy-like lightning turned to dust and disappeared.