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The more Zhang Yuan thought about it, the more right it felt. At once, he agreed to Peng Bin’s offer, and they set a time to sign the contract.

August 8th, Monday...

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Pei Qian arrived at Shang Yang Games in the morning. He was very conscientious about GOG’s international servers.

Of course, he did not care how much of the global market GOG would dominate in the end. Instead, he was more concerned about how the money was being spent. As long as the company hadn’t spent all seventy million yuan, Pei Qian would not be able to sleep well.

Everyone soon arrived in the conference room. They could all tell that GOG’s international servers meant a lot to Boss Pei. So it felt like a heavy burden on their shoulders.

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Ye Zhizhou began to report updates on GOG’s international servers.

“Boss Pei, GOG’s English translation is more or less complete now. We’ll be releasing it in the Western countries soon. As for the publicity strategy, we’re mainly looking in three directions: online advertising, live-streaming, and promotional channels.

“We’ll only be testing the waters with this strategy. After all, we don’t understand the overseas market well enough. So, we have to try things out first. If the effects are good, we can invest more.

“For the channel promotion, we’re thinking of placing emphasis on those who like playing mobile games, given that GOG’s client and mobile data are linked. After all, IOI doesn’t have a mobile version, and so this would be greatly advantageous to us.”

Ye Zhizhou finished speaking, but he added in his heart: “That was where we lost out the most back then...”

When Pei Qian heard this, he remained quiet for a while. Then, he said, “So... how much would you spend in total?”

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Ye Zhizhou cleared his throat and nervously said, “That would cost... fifty million US dollars.”

Pei Qian frowned. Fifty million US dollars?

It seemed that they were unlikely to be able to finish spending all that money within this cycle, at that. At the rate that they were going, how long would it take for them to finish spending all seventy million US dollars?

I wouldn’t be able to incur a loss during this cycle, would I?