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“In this school, all the students are divided into classes by merit. The best students are put in class A. The worst in class D. Well, it’s a system that’s found in major cram schools. In other words, class D is the collection of leftovers. That also means that you are the worst students, the defective products of this school. This is really an outcome worthy of defective students.”

Horikita’s face stiffened. Looks like the reason behind the class division really shocked her.

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Certainly, it’s better to put smart people with other smart people, and incapable people with other incapable people. If you put rotten mandarins with good mandarins, the good mandarins will rot faster. It’s inevitable that the superior Horikita is in shock at this sort of division.

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However, it’s probably good that I was put here. There’s only one way to go and that’s up.

However, this class D is the first one to lose all their points in the first month. On the contrary, I applaud you for living so lavishly until now. How praiseworthy.”

Chiyabashira-sensei’s unnatural applause reverberated in the classroom.

“After hitting zero points, does that mean we will always stay at zero points forever?”

“Yea. Your points will stay at 0 until graduation. However, be at ease, since you can still use your dorms, and there are free meals in the cafeteria. You won’t die.”

Although a student life with only the bare minimum is possible, a lot of the students probably won’t like it. After all, the students lived their lives this month while indulging in every single possible luxury. Suddenly, having to live a life a self-control looks really hard for a lot of the students.

“… Will we be made fun of by the other classes now?”

Sudou kicked his desk with a bang. After having learned that the classes are divided by merit, everyone will probably make fun of class D as the group of idiots. It’s not unreasonable to be despairing.

“What, you’re still holding onto your pride, Sudou? Then do your best and try to make the worst class the best class.”