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“I-I said it’s not like that. Why would I get jealous because of that…”

I explained myself nervously. Then, Tendou-san gently smiled. Although I don’t know what’s going on, she seems to be willing to forget what happened between Chiaki and me earlier.

“Well, then let’s cheer ourselves up at the arcade.”

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“Sure. Hey!”

For some reason, Tendou-san sneaked to my right and wrapped her hands around my arm, which Chiaki did. She is “excitingly” close to me, my heart is pumping real fast. But, w-why is this heartbeat feels…

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“I feel like excitement isn’t the reason why my heart is pumping up! What the hell!? This is creepy!”

This was made worse because Tendou-san didn’t say anything, she just smiled usually, and this is the part that causes me to freak out. I can’t really be happy if she’s actually jealous, you know? It’s like when I screwed up in MMOs, and the teammates just comforted me gently, they are not even willing to show their dissatisfaction directly, which makes me feel even worse! It’s like when they are not giving you a chance to apologize!

A-Anyway, at least Tendou-san acted like the way she always is on the surface. While I am quite anxious, we chatted with each other like nothing was wrong as we are heading towards the arcade.

“Wow, this place is nicely planned.”

Once we arrived at the arcade floor, Tendou-san’s face clearly brightens and released my arms. Honestly, I’m feeling more relieved than lonely, she turned back to me with a smile on her face and suggested.

“Come, Amano-kun! Let’s lighten up the mood and compete in the arcade, alright?”


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Here it comes. I am about to be brutally destroyed.

However, there’s no way for me to reject- Put it this way, I don’t have the choice at the beginning anyway. Tendou-san dragged my sleeves as we played 1v1 matches, and I lost all of them.