What is going on online hosting?

What is going on online hosting?

「「「SEI! SEI! SEI!」」」

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With a fixed cry and rhythm, more than a hundred people swinging at the same time – it seemed a little cramped.

「Next! Three consecutive strikes!」

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A large drum was struck in the center of the gymnasium, and the practice menu changed.


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「It’s a little…」

「Un, strict.」

As Rose said, there was something like『stiffness』in this swordsmanship club.

(I think swordsmanship should be more free, fun, and creative…)

You don’t『do』because it is a practise menu of the Swordsmanship Club.

You『do』because you want to, because you want to become stronger.

I felt that their way of thinking and approach towards swordsmanship was a little different from mine.

「…For now, let’s go back to the classroom.」

「Yes, let’s think over it carefully.」

「We’ve seen all the clubs already.」

And when we tried to go back to Class A.