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"You're free to play the fool all you want but do you really not mind being expelled?".

Towards Kouenji, who did not show any weakness, Nagumo asked that question. And he continued.

"This school system's a troublesome one. Regardless of that fact, you've made it this far with that noncommittal attitude of yours. That is in order to graduate from this school. But you'll casually accept the risk that comes with having the leader role pushed onto you here, and on top of that you'll even boycott the exam? Liar. You just don't want to put in the effort to reach Class A and you really don't have any intention of actually leaving this school".

"Fufufu. You're saying some amusing things. How can you tell that I'm lying?".

It's probably true. Not too long after enrolling, the class once asked Kouenji whether or not he had any desire to aim for Class A and he's given us his answer before.

That he has no interest in doing so.

That he only wants to graduate from this school. He doesn't want to be expelled but there's no need for him to aim for the top either.

It's very similar to what I'm hoping to get out of this school. In other words, he's taking a stance where it's no problem for him even if he holds back a fair bit in exams.

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That explains his cocksureness.

"That's what's written all over your face".

As Nagumo said that teasingly, Kouenji laughed pleasantly.

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"Bravo. Bravo".