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In case of pursuing your own grades only, you will keep on running silently for the top without relying on anyone, but this trial is a good example that there are things that cannot be done by yourself.

Probably, Horikita fully realized for the first time now that she is powerless. If that weren’t the case, it’s unlikely she’d rely on me so quickly. If we had no friends, no one would drop by to visit and we couldn’t even talk to someone. If we cannot communicate, we cannot cooperate and trust each other. A talented woman who looks perfect within the school will become less than an ordinary student in this situation.

“… The school probably calculated the space of that area too.”

Although that’s also the point where you could see the bottom of Horikita Suzune’s limitations.

Because it’s impossible to break away from the rules this school made.

Across the distance you could see a little, the two completed tents standing side by side. While talking together with the other girls, Shinohara held up a gourd-shaped war fan. Both of the tents were exclusive to the girls. In other words, the boys, now, were simply sleeping outdoors so that they could become stronger with this experience.

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I feel that the majority of our classmates have never slept outdoors before. Luckily, it is summer and although there is no wind blowing, make no mistake there are still some hardships to endure. Sometimes it is troublesome as bugs are targeting our hands and feet and when it gets dark the visibility around is quite bad. Especially in the grass under our feet, mysterious bugs are jumping and flying around creating an ominous feeling.

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Being a child of the city, all this seemed repulsive to me. Spending a whole week on this bed, already seems impossible. But from understanding Ike’s views of point consumption, it is different and requires the utmost resistance and the ability of a person to take action.

When the bugs from the ground came to bed, then we changed the sheets. We were even discussing if we should cut down some branches from the trees around. We should really figure out what to do, instead of absurdly praying for something to happen.

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Hirata, after finishing the tent for the girls, came towards us while wiping the sweat off from his forehead.

“Ehm… Ayanokouji, if it is ok, could I talk to you for a minute?”

With this low profile behaviour and an almost apologetic look, he continued talking to me.

“Coming out to meet me with the flashlight at night is quite eerie. We may agree or not how we use or not use points, but, apart from that, I believe that it is necessary to make sure that we have light at night-time. However, that cannot be done just with Ayanokouji’s persistence.”

Certainly I wanted to avoid having no light at all in the night. It was a pain if you had to go to the toilet at night-time. I wanted to hear what we should have done about it. After thinking about it a little, Hirata said.

“In this area, we can make a bonfire. We can look for branches and pick them up from the trees around us”

We have many guys here, we can rely on them into undertaking such a task.