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He An came to Jingzhou to take a look and try out the game’s DEMO during the development process of the game. Then, he asserted that the game was not good and persuaded Pei Qian to use the cornerstone to stop losses.

He An specially reminded Pei Qian that Fantasy Battle Remake was going to be released before the game was officially released. He told Pei Qian to avoid the release date of Fantasy Battle Remake.

He An repeatedly strengthened Pei Qian’s impression that Mission and Choice would definitely lose everything over and over again. That was why Pei Qian was so confident when the game was released.

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He thought about it. No matter what, He An was a veteran in the domestic games industry. He was a person of great stature. He must still have a deep understanding of games even though he was getting old, right?

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Unexpectedly, not a single word was accurate!

That made Pei Qian feel like he had been cheated. That was why he replied.

However, to He An, the meaning behind those words was completely different.

He An replied quickly. “Eh? Boss Pei, you’re panting even though I praised you for doing well?”

“I really did not think that Mission and Choice would obtain such a reputation after being released. I only congratulated you out of encouragement!”

“However, don’t think that this is stable. Fantasy Battle Remake will be released in the afternoon!”

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“To be honest, even though I haven’t gotten through Mission and Choice, I can already tell that you’re playing tricks and taking a shortcut.”

“You did not follow the traditional RTS gameplay at all. Instead, you snatched the fusion of the RTS game and the plot to become a AAA game masterpiece. What you focused on was not the strategy game versus gameplay, but the exquisite plot flow.”

“I have to say that this is a genius attempt and has indeed received a good effect.”