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50 kinds of online earning business PDF


“In those days, it seems even highly intelligent demons who understood human language... Ogres, Fiends, Cyclops, and so on, were forced to fight.... but they are using beasts now?”

Capture demons...... making money?

“So, but isn’t that illegal? Betting with demons...”

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“Highly intelligent demons who understood human language...... it came to be prohibited by the treaty with the Demon Realm. However, even among the demons, if they don’t speak human language.... they are treated the same as animals, not humans... because they may attack humans, they get killed or captured in defense. Therefore, against beasts, it is not yet legally ‘forbidden’.”

“That’s...I don’t know...”

“Hohoho, would you use a cow, a horse, or a dog to make a spectacle? Something similar...... that’s the outcome.”

The mafia that was in charge of this was crushed. But here it continues.

“It’s a secret gambling house, but... still, it’s not against the law.... a gray area...... That’s why even if there’s an investigation by the Imperial Knights and so on, there’s no particular reproach.”

In the form that Bro and others took over...... and as I heard earlier, the upper echelon of the Empire are involved, like Minister Chitsue.... Where’s father? Does he know? His Majesty?

『...... Huh...... Well, even in the Demon Realm, there are such spectacles using Beasts, such as demon fighting dogs and magic bullfights, and tis something that Magic Beast Protection Groups often made a fuss about....』

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I glanced at Tre’ainar. With a cold, but somewhat sad expression, he gazed at the monsters fighting in the cage.

It gave me mixed feelings.

Then, the words that Tre’ainar told me the other day were overlapped by the Old man’s words, “Demons that do not speak human language are treated the same as animals.”

“...I see...In other words, this is where the aristocracy gather... A gambling house...”