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She would constantly recall what Boss Pei said every time she became involuntarily anxious because she firmly believed that the way to success was in it!

“Remember, the important thing is not to work overtime, but to do the right things at the right time...

“Then, what is the right thing?

“Do R&D serious? That is what I should do within and is the safest way. It cannot be said to be ‘right’.”

Li Yada thought for a long time, but she still could not understand. She instinctively wanted to ask Bao Xu. Bao Xu had his own way of interpretation of Boss Pei’s thinking after all.

However, Bao Xu was busy telling Cui Geng about Tengda’s past as part of the material that Cui Geng was gathering for his new book. Li Yada was too embarrassed to bother him.

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Who else could she ask if not Bao Xu?

Huang Sibo? It was not like she could not, but Li Yada knew that Fei Huang Workspace was preparing for the release of the new movie. Huang Sibo was probably too busy and had no time on his hands as well.

She thought it would be best to ask Lin Wan in the end! Lin Wan had her own set of interpretations of Boss Pei’s thoughts as well.

Li Yada sent Lin Wan a message about her confusion. She even asked her. “What did Boss Pei mean by doing the right things at the right time?”

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Lin Wan replied before long: “You’ve asked the right person! I have the correct answer to this question!

“Boss Pei told me something similar previously!”

Li Yada became interested as soon as she heard it. She hurriedly made a call.

“Quickly tell me, what is it all about?” Li Yada seemed to have caught a glimmer of light instantly

Lin Wan smiled and said confidently on the phone, “Do you remember us working on the Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version in Shang Yang Games previously?