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I moved away from the arcade controller on the table as I kept scratching my head angrily.

Keita’s sitting at the chair in front of the PC. He’s looking at my irritated face like he just witnessed something rare.

“Hey, it’s hard to see Kiriya-san getting this emotional in a game like this.”

“Of course, …I got slammed when I used a strong character that counters my rival on a fighting game match. It’s hard to stay calm and say nothing, right.”


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Keita tilted his head confusingly this time. He glanced at the battle results on the TV screen. Right there, it displayed the victory rate between this opponent and me. Yes, -I won 20%!o(MISSING)f the time only. That’s depressing.

When I’m looking away, Keita Amano is still adding insult to injury innocently.

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“Eh? Basically, don’t rivals mean opponents at the same level?”

“Stop it! It doesn’t matter! In fighting games, there are many instances where you’re still a rival despite only winning 20%!o(MISSING)f the time! It’s because luck is a pretty big factor in this field too!”

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“Eh? However, even if it’s luck, in summary, this player already fought you more than 300 times before, right? If you only win 20%!o(MISSING)f the time, it’s clear that you’re too far-”

“Keita, do you think Anpanman and Baikinman are rivals?”

“Why are you suddenly asking that? Hmm, I guess they count as rivals from a character’s standpoint.”

“Right? Well, now think about how many times did Baikinman win.”

“…! Huh? Isn’t his victory rate a bit too low?”

“See? In comparison, don’t you think a guy with a 20%!w(MISSING)in rate is enough to be classified to self-proclaim as a rival?”