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“I’m fine, I’m fine. I’m not so weak that I could be crushed that easily.”

“No, that’s not it. I’m saying it’ll affect your work tomorrow…no, today.”

“I’m saying I’m fine, it won’t affect it, it won’t.”

Hoshinomiya showed absolutely no signs of stopping and asked for a third glass.

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“Then, let’s talk before you get too drunk. You can have a look at the outline for the next special exam.”

Mashima operated his phone and placed it on the table.

“The important thing is the name of the special exam. You’ll understand straight away once you see it.”

“The name of the exam?”

“Go ahead, read it.”

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The two looked at each other and then, at almost the same time, they peeked at the phone. After seeing the name, Chabashira gasped, as did Hoshinomiya.

It was a special exam that Chabashira and Hoshinomiya experienced when they were students. The news was that it had been decided that it would be held at the beginning of the second semester.

“11 years ago… Even though it was a long time ago, you should remember this particular exam very well.”

Chabashira looked at the name of the special exam over and over again and was left speechless. Hoshinomiya turned away from the phone and held the third glass that had been brought to her in her hand. She looked at the reflection of her face and smiled.

“To think we’d see this special exam again, huh…”

Chabashira, unable to say anything, just silenly cast her eyes downwards.

“I thought last year’s class poll…wasn’t that supposed to be a substitute for this?”

As if to confirm, Hoshinomiya looked at Mashima.

“In the end, they’re both used for a similar purpose. It means the school had no choice but to include it. If any of the second-year students had dropped out during the uninhabited island exam, the next special exam was going to be a different one.”

“Well, I guess it can’t be helped. We can’t make the written exams too hard just to get people to drop out. So a special exam that’s a big problem has come up because Sae-chan’s class is just too good~?” Hoshinomiya emphasized, as if she were trying to make a point.