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But if I have 100 million years of time … Even a talentless swordsman like me can catch up with that genius- no, I can surpass him.

After thinking so far, I was pulled back to reality.

I understood how ridiculous the things I was thinking sounded.

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(Seriously, what the hell was I thinking…)

It was too good to be true…

This is not a fairy-tale, there is no way such a dream-like solution exists.

「Haa…. Is the story over? I don’t have time to go along with such stupid stories」

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「Oya…? You don’t believe me?」

「I think it is amazing… If it was real」

「I’m not lying! I’ve never told a single lie in all my life!」

「I see, I think that is a good thing.」

And then, I picked up my sword again and began swinging.

I already know I can’t win… but at the very least, I want to do what I can.