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I no longer have to worry about Airi each and every time. At the very least, within our group, this state will continue. They'll probably happily spend time together tomorrow as well.

"I heard from Haruka-chan that you have business tomorrow and won't be able to come......".

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I see. That reminds me, I had such a talk with Haruka. Her telling me she'll handle it well, might involve her playing with Airi today.

"I have an appointment. Sorry for not being able to join in".

"No, that's perfectly fine. Umm, the truth is, I was planning on handing it over tomorrow but!".

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Saying that, Airi extended both her hands towards me. A package wrapped in a simple yet cute, red ribbon was handed over to me.

"This.....if you'll have it".

Apparently she's prepared a Christmas present for me.

"Is it fine? For me to have it?".

"Yeah! I-I've prepared one for everyone else too".

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If that's the case, it's easy for me to accept it too. I'll gratefully accept. I took the offered present into my hands. At a time like this, I wonder what the right thing to do is. Should I check the contents right away here? Or should I do so after Airi has left? As I pondered over it, unsure of what to do, Airi shyly said this.

"I-I don't mind if you open it, you know?".

So it seems, and so I decided to unreservedly obey her. As I opened up the small box, what came out from inside were warm-looking gloves.