Online singing room singing and making money

Online singing room singing and making money

Pei Qian remembered that two days ago, even though they were selling very quickly, there were still thousands of stocks that had not been sold. Why were they sold out today?!

Were gamers that ruthless?

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Or were they... bought by someone with ulterior motives?

For example, the scalpers?

He quickly searched for the keywords’ smart fitness drying rack’ on the internet and checked the netizens’ discussions.

“F*ck! I was just about to buy a drying rack to go home and work out, but it’s sold out?!”

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“There aren’t many of such large items. It’s normal for them to be sold out.”

“That’s not normal at all, alright? Didn’t Boss Chang say at the news conference that he had prepared 10,000 units and that they would not be sold out?”

“The drying rack became popular after the release of the ‘Fitness Battle’. Many streamers and UP Masters are broadcasting it. 10,000 units aren’t that many when compared to the population in the country.”

“I feel like something’s not right. There’s no limit to the purchase of this thing. It’s most likely being targeted by scalpers!”

Those netizens who did not manage to buy the smart fitness drying rack were speechless. They scolded the scalpers online.

Pei Qian’s first reaction was the same as the netizens. He felt like he had met a scalper!