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But, if that’s the case, isn’t it simply dangerous to let Oiso-senpai join the game? If this is a true 1v1v1v1, she’s an enemy on the same level as Main-san. It’s just increasing the difficulty.

Well, but, in this sense, Chiaki will probably lose. I think it’s an excellent opportunity for Tendou-san to kick her away too-

“Ah, also, I think Karen Tendou’s training with Chiaki Hoshinomori in her own house for around a week before the start of the battle.”


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Training with Chiaki? Why? Aren’t they rivals? By the way, there’s no benefit to Tendou-san in terms of skills, right? What’s wrong with her? Eh, what is my ex-girlfriend trying to do?

My head’s slowly getting dizzy. …Karen Tendou is really an unpredictable person. Perhaps even Main-san is easier to understand.

She’s smart and dumb, talented and clumsy, realistic yet passionate.

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I don’t know what reasons she used to achieve this conclusion. When I think about it- I can’t help but laugh.

So, I can’t help but gradually smile. Then, I realized Aguri-san’s looking at me with a mischievous smile. I coughed to cover up my embarrassment and continued talking to Main-san.

“So, you accepted the challenge?”

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“Ah, of course. It’s taking place next Wednesday after school at the Game Club.”

“I see. …By the way, what are you going to do if you win? My ownership is already yours, right?”

“Well, about that. Karen Tendou asked me that too just then. I did request something.”

“What is it? Don’t tell me you want all of their ownerships…”

“I didn’t. Do I look like such an annoying person?”

“You literally are.”

“Alright, but I really didn’t ask for that this time. Appreciate my generosity, Amako.”

“Eh, really. Thanks, so what did you ask for…?”