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Therefore, most of the upper echelons would probably think that Chrétien’s actions were still effective. Chrétien might still continue to be in charge of China region.

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There should not be enough reason to remove Chrétien from his position as the person-in-charge of China region even if the higher-ups were not satisfied with his results.

That was intolerable to Eric.

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The opportunity was fleeting. If he could not grasp it this time, he did not know when the next time would be.

Thus, Eric still exposed this news, giving Chrétien a fatal blow!

Sending two Data Balancers to help the FRY team formulate strategies was entirely Chrétien’s idea. Naturally, he would be the one to take the blame.

Dayak Corporation and Finger Games’ upper echelons were having an emergency meeting to discuss countermeasures now. However, no matter how much they discussed, this matter was already set in stone. Someone had to stand up and take responsibility. Otherwise, they would not be able to appease everyone’s anger.

It would probably not be enough to appease the public’s anger if they had only used the two statisticians as scapegoats.

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There was a high chance that Chrétien would be the one to blame.

Eric took the opportunity to submit his research materials for Tengda and GOG in Jingzhou. He also deeply analyzed the pros and cons of the IOI Qualification Competition and the global finals.

Most of them were factual but there were also a small number of biased opinions, hinting that Chrétien’s strategy could not fundamentally change the weak position in IOI’s battle with GOG.

You have to let me do it if you want to turn the tables!

Eric was very confident because no one was more suitable than him after Chrétien took the blame and left.

As for whether Chrétien and the others would suspect him...

It did not matter. Even if they were suspicious, there was no evidence.

Eric had been lying low all these time for this moment.

At that moment, his cell phone rang.

Eric’s lips curled up slightly when he saw the number. He picked up the phone.