Which is good to buy lottery tickets online?

Which is good to buy lottery tickets online?

Wu Bin was speechless.

What the hell did he mean by ‘it’s difficult to obtain permission to work overtime’?!

This was the first time Wu Bin was hearing that employees did not have the freedom to work overtime. In fact, there was an imposed limit. It was no wonder that everyone was working as hard as they were. They had fixed tasks.

Other companies enjoyed making their employees work overtime. If they gave their employees ten hours to finish a task and their employees finished earlier, they would only give the latter more work to do.

Naturally, those employees took their own sweet time and found it best to submit their work at the last possible minute.

Tengda was extraordinary. There was also a lot of work to be done, but the company reduced its employees’ working duration as far as possible.

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Employees were to adhere strictly to the eight-hour work limit. Even if they wanted to work an extra hour, whether they would be allowed to or not was dependent on Boss Pei’s mood.

Furthermore, the tasks were fixed. Even if they finished earlier, they would not be given new tasks.

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Thus, many people had become used to working efficiently.

On one hand, finishing their work sooner would mean being able to rest and play sooner. On the other hand if they left their work undone and they were not allowed to work overtime later, they would not be able to finish their work before the deadline.

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Today, everybody’s afternoons would be taken up by the annual meeting. Thus, they had to finish as much work as possible in the morning

Of course, they were extremely productive!