What can I use online?

What can I use online?

Thus, opening a new branch would have been disadvantageous to Boss Pei.

Why would he open new branches if they could not incur losses?

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However, after some thought, Pei Qian thought of another problem.

Among all the businesses, Upwind Logistics was probably the best at losing money.

Still, Ma Yang was the CEO of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe after all. Fish-Catching Internet Cafe was now doing so well; it was now well-reputed and making profits. How could they just stop now?

How would Pei Qian explain this to Ma Yang?

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Of course, Boss Pei did not need to explain anything to anyone. He could choose to cast Fish-Catching Internet Cafe aside if he wanted. After all, allowing it to earn hundreds of thousands of yuan a month was a small burden which Boss Pei could afford to carry.

However, would people grow suspicious?

After all, something would be off.

Thus, Pei Qian thought of another idea.

Making some profit would not be a problem for now. There was still more than a month until settlement. He could spend all the money on Upwind Logistics and a new branch for Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, right?

Even if all of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s branches generated profits, it would be fine as long as the new branch didn’t earn money, right? Those two Fish-Catching Internet Cafe branches were making profits, but that was due to two main reasons.

First, most of the revenue was coming from the sale of alcohol and customers’ tips for the resident singers. At the moment, most customers preferred to take Fish-Catching Internet Cafe as a coffee shop or a bar, and not a place to surf the net.

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Pei Qian had nothing to say about this.

His original intention was to create a complete hodgepodge. He wanted to confuse everyone about what Fish-Catching Internet Cafe was in order to minimize the chances of the internet cafe becoming famous.

He would never have expected that the bar and coffee area would become more popular than the internet cafe area!

He could only say ‘man proposes, God disposes’.

Apart from that, the few Fish-Catching Internet Cafes were located in deserted areas, and the rent was cheap.