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“I feel so bad for Aguri-san. …She just lost such an excellent boyfriend.”

“He’s saying that by himself again! What’s wrong with this guy!? It’s more like, where did that overflowing confidence come from!? Where did that humble Keita Amano-kun go?”

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Ao complained a bit violently. However, Keita just answered her with a vague smile. …I guess he already treats Ao as an “out-of-this-world and crazy lady” today. Keita even ignored her reasonable complaint.

I’m confused at what he said, just like Ao, but I still pressed on.

“Sigh, b-but, it’s not a bad thing that you broke up. Honestly, …I feel like that Aguri girl, …well, doesn’t match you…”

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“Aguri-san and I? Ay, of course. I can’t deal with a girl like her!”


His violently changing attitudes freaked Ao and me out. What’s wrong with this guy? I didn’t know he’s this insane. He thinks he’s perfect at relationships, so he despises the girl this much? That’s a literal scum! Even though it’s not good to say this out loud, Keita Amano is a real scumbag!

He looked up to the sky and mumbled.

“Aguri-san, …I hope she can try her best to restore this relationship.”


Ao and I screamed inside our hearts as we froze. What’s wrong with this guy!? He thinks the girl has to pay for everything if she’s the one that’s dating him!? I bet that’s why she broke up with you!

The unusual mentality radiating around Keita Amano is starting to horrify the two university girls out.

Just as we’re chatting around, we arrived at the store before we knew it. Keita turned around to bid farewell just as usual- During this time, he suddenly let out a confusing “eh.”

Keita looked behind us- over Ao and me, who’s shocked, he spoke up to someone with a smile.

“Uehara-kun! How did you get here?”

Ao and I turned back at the same time. So, we found out…a high school boy with a refreshing smile (which makes him even more suspicious) is standing there.

(W-When did he…)

He’s standing closer than I thought, and we can’t hide how startled we are. Although Keita didn’t even seem to realize, it’s unusual that he can get this close without making a sound. Clearly, …indeed, this Uehara guy is obviously…!