Is the online chess really earn money?

Is the online chess really earn money?

Fortunately, I have a great sum of points I obtained from earlier exams. Even if I abstained, by paying compensation, I can make up for it. Even if I prepare a substitute for all three contests I had been planning on participating in, the total sum would add up to 300,000 points. It's not cheap at all, but if this raises the class's chance of victory even a little, then I'll have to make a clean decision on this. My dream of running alongside my brother will be cut short though.........

At this point, fretting over personal matters like that is meaningless. The important thing is who to entrust the substitute role to.

"Thank you very much".

Having received treatment, I gave my thanks and left the infirmary behind. I headed towards the main entrance so as to return to the grounds.

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The window glass reflected me as I dragged my leg behind me and feeling pathetic, I tightened my lips. I do harbor suspicions towards Kinoshita-san, who called out my name but I have no one to blame but myself for falling and getting injured.

There's no changing that fact.

I tried my best to project a calm front so no one would notice and continued walking. When I was about to leave through the main entrance, Kushida-san panickedly ran over.

"I'm glad I was able to find you, Horikita-san. Umm, there's something I'd like to talk about......".

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".....what is it? I have business to attend to later so I'd like you to keep it short".

"Yep. Sorry, but this isn't a good place. Would you please hear me out? It looks like it's going to be problematic"

"Can you please explain here? I'll make my decision after hearing what this problematic thing is".

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After looking around, Kushida-san whispered to me.

".....umm you see, it seems Kinoshita-san, who ran into you and collapsed, suffered a serious injury. Right now, it looks like it's bad enough that she can't even get up, that's why.....umm, Kinoshita-san is saying she'd like you to go see her".

Hearing those words, I couldn't conceal my surprise. Certainly she did seem injured but to think such a thing happened.....

"Where is she right now?".

"This way".