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I then quickly skip through the text I wrote earlier and sent it. The contents were "Hey, do you have a moment?". A brief sentence just like that.

As a general rule, the chat application I'm using only allows one account per phone. But there is a slight loophole in that rule, by creating a new major SNS account you can create another account for yourself. Of course, normally there are no students who divide themselves between a main and a sub account. Because there's not much merit in switching between these accounts. But by doing so, I can contact a third party without having my own identity be revealed as well.

I have to proceed delicately from here on. As long as I don't make a mistake in the process it should go perfectly.

Despite the message having come from an anonymous sender, Manabe quickly replied to it. "Who are you?". Manabe, naturally not knowing the sender, replied with that question. "Is ther anyone around you right now?" I replied. "No. I'm alone...who are you?" she asked again.

"Don't show this chat to anyone. This is for your sake" I told her. "Like I said, who are you?" she asked.

"I'm the same as you. We hate the same person. Let's just leave it at that" I told Manabe. Although the 'read' sign appeared immediately, Manabe took her time to reply. Perhaps she still doesn't understand the implication of that sentence. "Have you mistaken me for someone?" she finally replies. "I'm not making a mistake, Manabe-san. I'm contacting you to inform you about the Karuizawa-san you hate so much. I thought I could consult you on the situation, Manabe-san" I mailed that to her.

"I don't know what you're talking about. Please stop sending me messages" she quickly replied. It seems she's on guard, not knowing whether I'm an enemy or not. A natural reaction. I need to resolve this misunderstanding firstly.

"The truth is, as her fellow classmate, I've been harboring a grudge against Karuizawa-san for a while now. That's why I thought we could cooperate and have our revenge on her. Since I'm her classmate it's hard for me to exact my vengeance on Karuizawa-san directly, but that's why I would like to cooperate with you" I said to Manabe.

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"I don't know what you're talking about. I'm going to ignore you then" she replied.

Even though she was wary of me, the fact that she still hasn't cut off contact with me is a testament to how much she hates Karuizawa it seems. It surely stems from her desire to avenge her friend Rika and her own hate towards Karuizawa. I could easily deduce that from the fact that Manabe used force to bring Karuizawa into the emergency staircase.

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"Rika-chan is still scared of Karuizawa-san. Don't you want to help her as a friend? Your face has revenge written all over it you know? But the truth is, you can't do it even if you want to. Since after yesterday's events, Karuizawa-san is on her guard. I'm sure she won't leave Hirata-kun or Machida-kun's side for a while. And she'll always be together with her female friends so she won't be alone either" I told Manabe.

"I don't need your help. I just need to bring Rika into contact with Karuizawa-san. The truth will be out then" she said.

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"I wonder if it'll be that easy. I don't think she would easily admit to her wrongdoing. On the contrary, it would just trouble Rika-chan. If Karuizawa-san uses heartless words she'll only just end up wounding Rika-chan further. No, that's not all. If she harbors a grudge, she might even bully Rika-chan further" I replied to Manabe.

"...then what should I do? Are you saying ther's a way?" she asks. Manabe's desire to settle this with the next confrontation becomes clear. "There is. You and me. We can cooperate to make sure we can exact our revenge on her in a secure location" I told her. "And the guarantee? It looks like you're just planning on selling me out to the school. This smells like a sub account anyways" Manabe replied to me.

"If I am indeed selling you out, please feel free to show this chat log to the teachers, Manabe-san. This account has been registered with the school's phone. In other words, I'm risking my identity to take revenge on Karuizawa-san. That way, I'm the one bearing the most responsibility. Isn't that right?" I told her.

I'm sure Manabe also understands this well. Even if this is a sub account, once you analyze it thoroughly, the identity of the person behind it can be revealed. If it comes to that, I, as the one who masterminded this plan for revenge, would bear the most responsibility and undoubtedly be punished harshly. "Then if I show this chat to the school now what would you do, it's over for you" Manabe asks me.

"Because I believe Manabe-san is not the type of person to do that. I must trust in order to be trusted after all" I told her. "I understand what you're trying to say, more or less. I'll hear you out at least" she finally said.