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However, these original arts were way more detailed than Pei Qian could have imagined. Not only that, the styles were extremely fresh!

This original art was meant to be Guan Yu, the Martial Saint of the Dragon clan. Previously, Ma Yang’s requirement form had only requested for it to be a dragon without any mention of the details.

However, there were all sorts of details on this original art!

The background was an ink drawn hill where it was surrounded by clouds and filled with greenery, giving off the feeling of Chinese paintings where white spaces was the motif.

The focus of the drawing was then at Guan Yu who wielded a Crescent Moon Blade.

This was an extremely overhauled image where he was the traditional Chinese dragon. His face, arms and any parts of exposed skins were all green with horns on his head, clearly resembling a dragon.

However, through his clothing, it was still clear that this was Guan Yu.

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He wore green robes and the shoulder pad on the left side was golden with a red decorative – these were all elements that were commonly seen in traditional drawings of Guan Yu and they fit into the original art seamlessly.

A single look at that original art and one would be able to tell that it had Guan Yu’s characteristics and yet, his image was totally overhauled.

Most importantly, the artistic style of it was entirely unique from most of the original arts out in the market; infusing the style of ink and oil painting, it was definitely eye-catching.

Pei Qian then looked at the other original arts – be it in terms of quality or style, they were extremely similar to this.

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But of course, their general images were still based on Ma Yang’s requirement form and were not beasts just like Guan Yu.

There were beasts, freaks and even characters who despite retaining human form, had their images completed overhauled... such as Lu Meng the Dragon Slayer Lolita.