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Obviously she did not accept my invitation. I had already known I would be rejected. But to keep up that flow I continued on with my words.

"Then you'll go right, I'll turn left. And with that we'll adjourn for today".

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As I said that, I pointed out the roads to the left and right. If the both of us walk off in separate directions, not a single problem would occur. This is the ideal path.

"What? I also want to get away from you without a second's delay. You don't even have to tell me".

Our love seemed to be perfectly mutual, as Ibuki immediately turned right. I too, turned my back towards Ibuki and moved towards the left. However---

I had my arm grasped from behind. Ibuki was pulling on my arm.

"Oi, what is it?".

"Shut up. Ishizaki and the others are coming this way".

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As though to hide, she dragged me off into the shadows, and then quietly observed the situation. Then, with a slight delay, as I followed Ibuki's gaze, I saw Komiya and Kondou with Ishizaki at their center.

Just up until now, Ryuuen should have been amongst them but of course he was not present there.

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"Is Ishizaki ok? He still seems unsteady on his feet".

"Shut up. He's already fine".

But perhaps his entire body is in pain, Ishizaki walks while distorting his expression in agony at times. Seeing such a situation, Komiya anxiously looked around and said.

"Speaking of which, that thing earlier........that you fought with Ryuuen-san, is that for real?".

".......yeah. Albert and Ibuki were with me too. Ryuuen-san's.......no, Ryuuen's time is up. From now on, that Ryuuen bastard won't be ordering anyone around anymore".