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-After taking another stab from Main-san, the three of us spat blood and fell down (on the inside).

“Please just forgive me…”

“Hiya, that was super fun.”

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A minute after we bid farewell to Uehara-kun and Aguri-san, I took the escalator with Main-san with an exhausted face.

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Main-san, who’s standing two steps higher, laughed and turned around.

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“I didn’t expect you to go this far, Amako.”

“Didn’t you tell us to do it?”

Main-san continued right away after seeing me glaring at her angrily.

“That’s right. But, I still feel like you guys are already amazing for a fake couple.”

“Yeah. From that perspective, Aguri-san, Uehara-kun, and I are really-“

I froze at this point.

Main-san continued looking at me from above with a mischievous smile.

“…Did you really think that I can’t tell you guys are making up that poor lie?”

“…Uh, …w-when did you realize it?”