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I should give a summary of the Twisted God’s Reincarnation series.

This is one of those so-called RPGs as well. For non-gamers, it’s pretty accurate to just think it as Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy.

However, this Twisted God’s Reincarnation has a bunch of features that differentiated it from other traditional RPGs.

The most iconic two are the world settings and the plot.

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The plot of traditional RPGs is usually based in a fantasy world with medieval European elements and a plot of good vs. evil.

However, the stage of the Twisted God’s Reincarnation series is usually based on modern Japan (Tokyo) as the prologue of the story. Also, it described the hardcore survival of the protagonist in an apocalyptic world with demons appearing throughout the globe.

Due to the nature of the game, the plot would naturally be different from the clean, straightforward good vs. evil.

Basically, the special ability of the protagonist isn’t something like “The Darkness Shattering Power of the Bright Hero!” From the part where you can dispatch demons, the story is already twisted to the extreme.

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To survive in a world ruled by demons, you have to use the demon’s power in reverse. Such conflicting scenery…I guess Yokai Watch or Pokemon had dived into that end for a bit. The game mechanics are in similar behavior…but it’s still giving people a dark and depressing feeling.

Anyway, the protagonist will lead numerous demons to adventures and combats. Just like in most RPGs, the main character will gain experience and will be more acknowledged in the world.

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However, based on a chaotic human world, the protagonist will be approached by the Angels, the Army of Humans, and the Advanced Demons. They’ll compete with each other fiercely to draw the protagonist into their side.

Ah, also, when you think about this usually, you’ll feel that perhaps the Angel side would be the correct answer. In reality, they did call upon the protagonist based on the bright and upright justice. However, about the “justice” that the Angels advocated in this series…