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What’s more, it was not the peak period for lunch yet. No matter what, there should be no delay in serving the food.

There was no way he could fool them.

Meng Chang adjusted his mentality and maintained his poise. “I’m sorry, there seems to be a small problem with the kitchen. Please wait for a moment, I’ll go and settle it.”

Meng Hao walked to the kitchen briskly and whispered angrily, “What’s going on?! Why are the dishes being served so slowly today?!”

The waiters were busy with their work. When they saw Meng Chang, they quickly explained, “Boss Meng! I don’t know what happened today, but my luck was a little bad. I accidentally burnt a pot of noodles just now. Then, I accidentally tripped when I was serving the main dishes. I missed out on the side dishes...”

Meng Chang gritted his teeth in anger. Why did this have to happen at such a critical juncture?!

However, at this point, Meng Chang did not have any good solution. He could only curse at them and ask them to serve their meals as soon as possible.

Meng Chang resumed his calm expression after he left the kitchen.

He walked to the center of the store and clapped his hands lightly. “I’m very sorry, customers. There was a small problem in the back kitchen today. However, don’t worry, I guarantee you that anyone who doesn’t serve food within 15 minutes will be completely exempted from paying the bill!”

At a time like this, he could only pour out money to extinguish the customers’ anger.

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If there was a problem, he had to solve it quickly. These investors were still keeping an eye on him. If he did not solve it in time, he would have to deduct points again.

The customers who were waiting anxiously finally calmed down when they heard that the bill would be waived.

Qiu Hong was a little puzzled. He said softly, “Eh, the dishes were served quite quickly when we arrived. Did something go wrong with their kitchen?”

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Tang Yishu continued to eat her roasted cold noodles, pretending not to hear him.

She still remembered the first time she went to Ming House for dinner, even Boss Li’s high-end restaurant had been affected. A lot of problems occured in the kitchen.