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Uehara-kun and Chiaki both tilted their heads in confusion. Uehara-kun asked:

"… Erm, Amano, why are you the one passing the message…?"

Shit, I didn’t think this through clearly. But… But it would be problematic if the two of them met like this! I might not know much about love, but I could tell this! Most important of all… I think 70%!o(MISSING)f the fault behind this misunderstanding lies with me!

Deciding to see it through, I mustered my courage… and lied to Uehara-kun.

"S-She has some matters to discuss with me today!"

Uehara-kun was stunned. Oh no, my lie was too outrageous. This was bad.

Thinking that saying anymore would expose my lie, I ran off hurriedly.

"B-Bye then! If you wish to, please continue to chat!"

"Ah, hey!" "Hmm? Wait wait…"

The two of them behind me was confounded. That was expected, even I felt this was weird!

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A-Anyway, I need to find Aguri-san! I have to catch up with her!

I ran in the corridor hurriedly, but couldn’t find Aguri anywhere. Worst of all, I didn’t know anyway to contact her. If she contacted Uehara-kun and wanted to break up with him, that would be… Uwah! What did I do to my first precious friend I made in high school ahhh!