Is the yellow diamond on the Internet really?

Is the yellow diamond on the Internet really?

Zhang Yahui silently remembered this favor.

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He secretly decided that when the other department heads needed help in the future, he would do his best to help them out like Bao Xu, Liang Qingfan, and Rui Yuchen did for him!

He must not let Boss Pei down!

At 9 AM, the snack market officially opened for business.

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Customers who had been waiting outside rushed in the moment it opened.

The composition of these customers was more complicated.

The uncles and aunties who were already living in the vicinity had long been paying attention to the construction of the snack market. They liked to come over to take a walk when they were walking, wanting to see how the original vegetable market had been transformed.

There were also hardcore Tengda fans who had long heard through various channels that the snack market was in preparation and would gather outstanding snacks from all over the country. Thus, they rushed over to experience it once it opened. They wanted to try to see if these snacks were as good as the documentary ‘Stalls’.

Of course, there were also some Jingzhou locals who happened to be free today. They wanted to join in the fun.

However, it was a workday morning after all, so there were not many people.

Once customers entered the snack market, they were attracted by the unique layout and Cyberpunk atmosphere inside.

It was a sunny day. Thus, from the outside, the Cyberpunk style decorations were not particularly outstanding. However, the snack market was completely filled with lights. The atmosphere was immediately released!

Many tourists were taking photos as they passed by the extremely high-tech sports car at the entrance. After passing that sports car and entering the snack market, it was as if they had transmigrated to another world.

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The shops at the entrance sold high-tech imitation firearms models, prosthetic limb models, and high-tech drug models. It looked completely different from the traditional snack street.

There was a huge Cyberpunk-style display screen outside the grocery store that sold various trinkets. A poster was displayed on it, indicating that one could buy souvenir notebooks here. There were maps, art settings, and art collection on it. They could also play cards at various food stalls.

Some people went to the stalls to experience the snacks while others were attracted by the poster and bought a notebook to carry with them.