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“And Then There Were None.”

“Agatha Christie? Let’s hope there are some left after this.”

Horikita closed her book to reject my dark joke.

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“Nobody is going to disappear. It goes without saying that you and I won’t as well.”

“The look on your face says that you’re going to win no matter the opponent.”

“Naturally. I’ve prepared to take first place in our school year this time.”

“If Class C’s questions turn out to be too simple, placing first will be very difficult.”

“I’ll win despite that. It keeps me motivated.”

Then I’ll really be looking forward to it. Show me your unshakable confidence with the final exam.

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When the preliminary bell rang, everyone packed up their study materials. We were obligated to store anything unnecessary for the exams in the lockers at the back of the classroom. The only thing we were allowed to leave at our desks was a writing utensil. Additional supplies could be obtained if, for example, a pencil gets too short or breaks, a mechanical pencil runs out of lead, or an eraser gets used up. The only thing we would need to do is report it to Chabashira-sensei.

“You’ll take your first end of term exam after this: Modern Japanese. It’s forbidden to turn your paper over until I give the signal to start. Pay attention to this.”

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Chabashira-sensei didn’t have the student at the front of each row pass the exams backward but instead placed the exam sheets on each desk one at a time.

“The exam lasts for fifty minutes. Try to avoid calling in sick or the need to use the restroom as much as possible. If you aren’t able to wait it out whatsoever, please let me know by raising your hand. You aren’t allowed to leave the classroom for any other reason after the start of the exam.”

She told us about the rules for the conduct of the exam as she finished handing out the exam papers to everyone.

None of the students were whispering to each other anymore. Everyone’s attention had been set on their exam sheets.

Shortly after, the next bell rang, announcing the beginning of the exam.

“Well then, you can start.”