Online selling oil draws money?

Online selling oil draws money?

That was because he had already reached his physical fitness level yesterday. The muscles on his upper body were very sore and he could not train anymore.

For example, he could not say that he could not do the chest and back movements from before. However, even if he could, it would not be very standard. The training effect might not be guaranteed.

Thus, Qiao Liang decided to rest well for the next two days. It would not be too late to train when he recovered.

However, when he pressed the exit button, the second confirmation box did not pop up as usual.

An emotionless electronic voice came from the top of his head. “You trained with vigor yesterday. I repeatedly reminded you to pay attention to your rest, but you didn’t listen. You wilted today and wanted to run away after receiving an award?”

The sudden sound almost scared Qiao Liang.

That was because AEEIS’s voice did not come from his cell phone. Instead, it came from the small speaker inside the smart fitness drying rack. It was as if someone had suddenly spoken into his ear. It was very surprising to hear it for the first time.

Of course, he would get used to it.

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Qiao Liang would never have thought that AEEIS would have a different host. It would no longer be on the automatic bickering machine. Instead, it had its own bickering attribute.

Obviously, this was AEEIS’s reaction based on the game account’s data after logging in to his account.

There was a fitness schedule in ‘Fitness Battle’. The game would assign fitness tasks to players. This task would be adjusted according to the players’ actual situation.

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At the same time, there were detailed records of how many days, hours, and movements players practiced in a week. These could provide data for AEEIS.

Qiao Liang had been forced to go offline yesterday. Today, he only received a reward and wanted to go offline. This abnormal behavior obviously attracted AEEIS’s attention.

Qiao Liang still replied subconsciously even though he knew that the person speaking to him was an artificial intelligence. “My muscles are sore and I can’t train anymore!”