easy way to earn money online

easy way to earn money online

What’s more, in the past, many people had come to look for investments. Some brought resumes, some with Letter of Intent for investments and some brought samples of products. However, there were not many people who brought their own powerpoints.

The effect would definitely be the best if it was explained through powerpoint.

What’s more, Meng Chang’s powerpoint was definitely top-notch. It was not flashy, frivolous, old-fashioned, nor conservative. All sorts of elements, color blocks, layouts, graphs, and the like were done perfectly. Anything extra would make it messy and ugly.

He Desheng even felt that Meng Chang could easily earn tens of thousands of yuan a month even if he were to specialize in creating powerpoints.

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What’s more, Meng Chang was very eloquent. He spoke at a moderate pace and fluently. He had a perfect grasp of rhythm and content.

He Desheng felt very comfortable just watching Meng Chang speak so confidently.

The first half of the powerpoint was mainly Meng Chang introducing his personal experience.

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Some people said that investment was in businesses and concepts, but it was investing more in the people.

Whether a company could succeed or not depended on the boss of the company.

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Meng Chang naturally knew this as well, so the first half of the powerpoint was mainly used to introduce himself.

Meng Chang, 29 years old, went overseas to study in famous schools after graduating from university.

He had worked in first-tier huge internet companies both domestically and overseas. What’s more, he had worked in the user experience department and marketing department. While it was hard to say how much of the success was due to him, his resume was impeccable.

What’s more, many people who had worked with him before had already become high-level executives of Internet companies. While they did not seem to be of much use at first glance, they were undoubtedly hinting that he had the connections.

In short, this part emphasized ‘I am a capable and reliable person’.