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I smiled again and bid farewell to Amano-kun.

“Well, I’ll see you-“

-However, I quickly realized this in the middle of my speech.

(T-This isn’t right, Karen Tendou! Amano-kun’s walking me home! Also, it’s still early! This way, no matter how much you want to play the game alone, you should…!)

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I stopped abruptly and changed my farewell to an invitation.

“-D-Do you want to come to my house, Amano-kun?”


For a second, Amano-kun looked really excitedly. …However, for some reason, it immediately turned into a bitter smile.

“Ah, no, thanks. My whole family has to go out today.”

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“R-Really? What…a shame.”

Even though I said that, I also want to focus on < Gods and Evil > today.

“Uh, well, Tendou-san, I’ll see you in school tomorrow!”

“Eh? Ah, sure, see you tomorrow…”

Just as I’m lost in my gloomy thoughts, Amano-kun waved with a smile before leaving chicly.