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Although starring in Bloody Battle Song’s advertisement had brought Zhang Zuting many worries, it had also brought him considerable fame.

The success of Bloody Battle Song’s mobile game had quashed many people’s impression of the game being ‘filed with paywalls’, ‘a scam’, and ‘meant for stupid, rich folks’. At the same time, many people went from being haters of Zhang Zuting to his fans.

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The once-outdated Zhang Zuting was now much more popular!

For that reason, Zhang Zuting still felt grateful towards Boss Pei.

“Mr. Zhang, are you available to film over the next few months? I am producing a movie that I would like to invite you to star in.

“We worked together before. You don’t have to worry about the remuneration. We won’t shortchange you for sure.”

Zhang Zuting was obviously stunned.

Star in a movie? Wasn’t Boss Pei’s company a games company? Why was he producing a movie?

Was he venturing into another industry?

Zhang Zuting did not ask too many questions. After all, many large companies were now looking to venture into the film industry. Even coal bosses and rich second-generation heirs were trying their hand at it. There was no need for Zhang Zuting to make a mountain out of a molehill.

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Furthermore, Boss Pei was already managing a high-end restaurant; there was nothing strange about him wanting to produce a movie, right?

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Zhang Zuting answered, “No problem, Boss Pei. Coincidentally, I’ll be free over the next few months. We’re quite familiar with each other’s working style, and we can negotiate further on the remuneration. I can quote you a good price since we’re friends, but could you let me read the script first?”

Pei Qian remained silent for a few seconds. “I’ll pass on the discount, but could you not ask me for the script?”

Again, Zhang Zuting was stunned. He laughed and said, “Boss Pei, you’re really humorous. Has the script not been completed? Let’s not talk about it for now, then. In any case, I’ll do this on your account. I’ll make the necessary arrangements and come down to Jingzhou soon.”

“Alright, I’ll give you the director’s contact details. You can liaise with him directly. Oh, there’s another thing. We need to look for a young, male actor to star as the male protagonist in this film. Do you have anyone to recommend?” Pei Qian asked.